50 Smart Laundry Room Organization Ideas

31 Smart Laundry Room Organization Ideas

If you’ve ever had to lug your laundry bag down five flights of stairs and across three long blocks to the nearest laundromat (and back) you know that having a laundry room–whether it’s a nook in the kitchen, a corner of the basement, or a dedicated room just for cleaning clothes–is a beautiful thing. But you might not be sure exactly sure what you should put in this space. Laundry soap is a given, but what else? What should be stored in the laundry room as opposed to the bedroom or linen closet? And how should all of this stuff be organized?

If you’re wondering how best to utilize this space, here are some basic tips on what you should keep in your laundry room and how to organize everything to make washing and drying clothes convenient, easy, and maybe even enjoyable.

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