65 Clever Loft Stair Design for Tiny House Ideas

63 Clever Loft Stair Design for Tiny House Ideas

One of the benefits of a loft conversion is the utilisation of what could be considered dead space – and while property owners dream of light-filled bedrooms, how you will get up to your newly converted loft space is often hardly given a second thought. However, the staircase is not only important for practical reasons, it can also be a design feature in itself in which we have countless loft conversion stairs ideas in hand.

To make the most of the area you wish to convert, it’s always advisable to hire a qualified designer. They will be able to best utilise the space needed for loft conversion stairs – making sure you don’t lose so much as a square inch unnecessarily. They will also be best placed to incorporate design features such as light wells and any ornamentation you may want.

Here is our guide on how to choose loft conversion stairs even for a small landing or small space.

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