65 Clever Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

55 Clever Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

If you’re on a budget, we feel you. It can sometimes feel like such a challenge to decorate with next to no money, but it actually is possible to make a studio apartment look sufficiently awesome without breaking the bank. From living room to kitchen and from bathroom to bedroom (which in some studio apartments are all the same room).

A large, round wall mirror is a great addition to any studio apartment. It’s highly versatile: works in a bedroom, living room, entryway, wherever your heart desires. Privacy can be hard to come by in a studio apartment, and using a curtain as a room divider (even if it’s just around your bed) is a budget friendly way to create some private space.

We’ve assembled budget-friendly ideas that let you get creative, maximize on minimum space, and still show off your killer personal style.

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