75 Beautiful Cottage Garden Ideas to Create Perfect Spot

70 Beautiful Cottage Garden Ideas to Create Perfect Spot

Cottage living is all the rage among people who are lovers of a simple lifestyle. It costs less, yet when it comes to charm, it can easily trump bigger housing options. Just because cottages are small doesn’t mean that there are limited possibilities in terms of making them functional and lovely. On the contrary, many cottage dwellers say, living in a cottage brings an entirely new and beautiful quality to life.

You don’t necessarily have to live out in the country in order to create one of these old-timey gardens. In fact, you can just as easily live in an urban environment. Cottage gardens are well suited to either one, however, it’s more the home itself rather than space that will determine whether or not this landscape style is right for you. Cottages of all types, log homes, and those having a country style of another sort will easily find themselves right at home with this informal design. More modern dwellings, however, may not complement this type of landscape.

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