80 Gorgeous Spring Garden Curb Appeal Ideas

71 Gorgeous Spring Garden Curb Appeal Ideas

Nearly every homeowner wants to landscape for curb appeal. Maximizing your yard’s attributes and minimizing its problems to create a beautiful streetside view doesn’t have to be difficult, daunting, or expensive. No matter your style or plant preferences, here are eight ideas to transform your front yard into a beautiful, attractive space.

Lots of people look at the size of the lawn or the shape and slope of the front yard, but many people forget a critical consideration in landscaping for curb appeal. Use secondary hardscape elements to help design a landscape for curb appeal. A deep sidewalk, for example, offers an opportunity for a wider flowerbed as accent. A bench provides a place for a gathering of shrubs and perennials. Think about what’s there (or what could be added) and how to spotlight it.

Dig into our tips and tricks to get the best garden curb appeal.

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