85 Stunning Cottage Garden Ideas for Front Yard Inspiration

69 Stunning Cottage Garden Ideas for Front Yard Inspiration

Cottage gardens are romantic, relaxed, free-flowering and fun; they can be planted with pastel tones or brighter hues that you love. Part of the ethos of a cottage garden is imbuing it with your own personality; there are no rules, just plant what you love to create a garden that appeals to you.

Start small so that it doesn’t get out of control; learn how to keep the plants fed and looking abundant, then gradually increase the size. As with all gardening, ensure the soil is good, rich in organic matter, and that the plants you choose suit your conditions and are good performers.

Generally cottage gardens suit sunny rather than shady spots. Apart from the visual prettiness, there is the added bonus of bio-diversity, with plants rarely suffering from diseases and pests due to the wide choice available, and many varieties ideal for attracting beneficial insects and wildlife to your garden.

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